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Etruscans@EXPO has been a sort of hyper-technological wonder-room, designed by the architects Kuma & Associates and located in the heart of the beautiful historic headquarters of the State University of Milan. A multimedia and multi-sensorial stand had guided visitors towards an understanding of the main themes of EXPO 2015, from nutrition to the environment, through the millennial civilization of the Etruscans and the ritual conviviality of their banque.



For EXPO2015, the Etruscans became unique and exceptional mediators between the horizontal differences of the contemporary world and the vertical differences between the ancient and modern ages. Etruscans@EXPO has been a full-immersion, personal and engaging experience that is vividly depicted by exciting stories and images.

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 Etruscans@EXPO - The making-of video
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The event has put in connection generations, people, cultures: a life-size reproduction of the Tomb of the Deathbed allowed visitors to experience the exploration of an Etruscan painted tomb, just as early explorers did. Thanks to multimedia stations, augmented reality and 3D holographic systems, the Tomb became the portal to a conceptual journey of the fascinating Etruscan world, between history and modernity. In addition, using Google Glass visitors have had the chance to access further multi-sensorial content. Along the exhibition itinerary, the richly painted frescoes on the walls of three other painted tombs of Tarquinia became touchscreen to access information about nutrition and other related topics. There have been also news about the history and culture of Etruscans, collected thanks to a call for papers extended to all international researchers in the world, and parallel connections to the other initiatives of La Statale per EXPO.

The project was made possible thanks to the collaboration between the Department of Cultural Heritage and Environment and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Milan. Translations in six languages have been made by the Department of Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication of the University of Milan. Today is possible to continue to appreciate part of the contents through the permanent application dedicated to the Event.o.


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